Pivot Point Calculator Help

Input Format

The input format dictates what type of numbers are valid inputs. If you selected Decimal as your Input Format then you can use a decimal point when entering the Open, High, Low, Close. If you have selected 32nds, 32nds+halves, or 64ths then you should NOT use a decimal point or any other character such as - or ' to separate the big number from the fraction.

To enter the bond value of 101'23 or 101-23 you should enter 10123 and make sure that you've selected the 32nds radio button. The rightmost 2 digits will be considered as 32nds or 64ths. If you want to enter bond numbers that include halves then enter 3 digits in the fractional part. For example for 101'235 (fraction is 235/320) then you should enter 101235 and select the 32nds+halves radio button. Remember that all the numbers should be entered in this format if you select this format. So if you have a number that doesn't have a half then just at a 0 instead of a 5.

If you have selected Input Format as 32nds or 64ths then you will see a dash (-) separating the fractional part of the result from the big number after the calculation has been done.

Decimal Places

Enter the number of significant digits you want the result to be displayed in. The results are rounded to this many decimal places. This obviously only works if the Input Format selected is Decimal. The Decimal Places selection must be in the range from 0 to 9.

Quick Change Formula Set

Select one of the formula sets (Classic, Woodie, Camarilla). If you already have values entered in the Open, High, Low, Close boxes then the calculator will recalculate these values according to your new selection and change the formulas in the drop downs to match that type of calculation. If you do not have any values set then it will just change the formulas in the drop downs and will use those formulas when you enter values and click the Calculate button.

Custom Formula

The formula used for each resistance, support and pivot level can be custom selected by you. Just click on the drop down and select the formula. The letters used in the formula are as follows:
O: Open
H: High
L: Low
C: Close
PP: Pivot Point
RANGE: High - Low


If you have cookies enabled on your browser then the Pivot Point Calculator will "remember" the last values that you entered and the last formula selections that you made so that you do not have to reset them the next time that you visit the page. If you have restricted cookies to sites that you trust then you can add www.pivotpointcalculator.com to the trusted sites if you want to enable the "remember" feature of the calculator.

Restated Formula

Some of the formula may not look like the formula that you have seen before or are used to for a certain set of pivot points. This is probably because they have been restated. In algebra you can restate the same formula in a number of different ways but you should always get the same result. Work through the formula and try and restate it in the way it is in this calculator. If you cannot do that then ask for help on the day trading forum.

Error Message

If there was a problem with the calculation (for example, you entered a high lower than the low) then that error message will appear next to the Calculate button in red letting you know what the problem was so that you can correct it.


If you need help with the calculator or have any questions related to Pivot Points or any other aspect of trading then ask in the day trading forum.